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Blooming Biodiversity Launch Party

Blooming Biodiversity Permaculture Tour

P.L.A.C.E. For Sustainable Living - 1121 64th Avenue, Oakland, CA, United States

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Join us for the Fundraising Launch party for the Blooming Biodiversity Permaculture Tour.

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What's this all about?
This Fall, a group of inspired solutionaries from a diverse background, will embark upon a permaculture activation quest, integrating social and environmental action, performance arts and holistic education, into local communities along the west coast. In each location, we intend to gather community to plant food forests, medicinal herb and edible gardens, create drought-resilient infrastructure, and utilize natural building techniques and energy efficient cooking technologies to catalyze resilient living and thrivability. We aim to nurture the blooming of regenerative biodiversity everywhere we go.Why are we fundraising?
We can only realize this dream with the support of our community. To tour in an eco-friendly manner, create regenerative infrastructure, and assist the creation of resilient communities everywhere we go, requires your participation and loving donations to our indieGogo campaign, which we will be launching at this event. Come help us actualize this tour and enjoy an enchanted evening of workshops, elixirs, tea, dance, conversation and music.This journey will unfold like so:

This event will be at P.L.A.C.E. (People Linking Art Community & Ecology) For Sustainable Living

1121 64th St, Oakland, California

5:30-6: Music and Arrival

6-7:30pm: Embodying Permaculture Workshop with Earth Activist Vinyasa Flow Yoga
“Embodying Permaculture" is an experience designed to integrate mind, body, heart and spirit with the values and principles of permaculture. As facilitators we will take participants through a journey of body centered awareness practices including vinyasa yoga flow, guided meditation activating the 5 senses and tantric permaculture. When we are fully in alignment with our true selves as multidimensional beings, we develop a strong connection to ourselves, our community and our environment.

7:30-8:30pm: Presentation of the Blooming Biodiversity Crowdfunding Campaign and a Series of Documentary Film Screenings of our work with Q&A

8:30-10pm: Live Music performed by:
Compersion and Blooming Anahata, k̄nautwerk and Janaka Selekta
Janaka Selekta is a San Francisco Bay Area producer who fuses classical Indian, dub, and breakbeats into a unique sound all his own. "Shards of dubstep, breaks, hip-hop, & drum & bass shine through, but the tone and mood are classically South Asian, with a solid dollop of dub, resulting in a gorgeous evolution of this longstanding tradition." – Derek Beres, The Huffington Post
blondk̄naut (a.k.a k̄nautwerk/Daniel Anderson) is an SF Bay VJ, installation artist, and digital performer. His projection-mapped art installations have rocked nightclubs in San Francisco, Lucidity Festival, Arise Festival, and beyond. He performs his sets with a customized wearable interface that recognizes hand gestures and arm motions, allowing him to use his body as a digital controller. Part VJ, part digitized dancer, he combines this unique interface with performance art, ritual movement, and projection mapping, yielding a unique visual experience. k̄nautwerk (“not-work") is a visionary experience design studio specializing in projection mapping, real-time visual content, and interactive interfaces. k̄nautwerk utilizes projection mapping, original visual content, and real-time kinetic and ambient interfaces to create ecstatic experiences and visionary simulations. From VJ sets, to interactive data visualization, to live performance, k̄nautwerk is a design and creative technologies studio that creates moving and intuitive works of applied technological art. k̄nautwerk (Daniel Anderson) is an interdisciplinary artist and software developer based in San Francisco. Anderson originally studied at the Maryland Institute College of Art 2006-2008. Self-taught in writing code, he expanded into projection mapping and real-time graphics in 2012. He is interested in combining motion tracking and wearable technologies with lighting and sculpture to create new kinds of physical and visual performances.
Compersion is a dynamic due of soulful singer-songwriters named Bloom and Sophia Ocean. These squiggly giggling paradigm shifting planetary protecting rainbow warriors have been rocking out with their socks off all over the place. You can find them sneak-attacking people with beautiful music during their regular “ninja gig" performances at transformational festivals and gatherings, or just on the street, or in your mind every time you close your eyes. We're always with you.
Blooming Anahata is a new budding mystical and heart-opening earth activist musical group born from unconditional love, forest exploration, visionary dreams and following a butterfly into the ocean. We integrate our own stream of consciousness poetry with our medicine songs.
The duo comprises of Anna Combi (Anahata) and Robin Liepman (Bloom)
Serpant Sanctum
Temple Dance Snake- Weaving together sacred serpent dance with belly dance, contact improv and temple dance to create a modern incarnation of an ancient art form. Using archetypal imagery, the dancers shimmy, sway, and strut with sacred sensuality; a visual reminder of the Serpent's powerful symbolism of transformation, fertility, and healing.
Throughout the night, there will be:
Delicious Vegan and Gluten-Free Super Food!
Mystical Tea Temple
Elixir Bar
Live Visionary Art Painting
Poetry Treasure Hunt
Galactivated Face Painting
Earth Activist Permaculture Station (With juicy perma-info and seed bomb creation)
This event will be hosted by: Robin Liepman (Bloom), Anna Simone Combi (Anahata) and Sophia Fairweather. Bloom, Anahata and Sophia have facilitated community workshops and permaculture action days together in Costa Rica, Canada, California and beyond. We are co-organizers of the Blooming Biodiversity Tour, which is set to tour the West Coast this Fall, offering events that bring together communities in transformational celebration to learn and practice permaculture. Sophia and Anna are certified yoga teachers, tantra, and bodyworkers. Bloom is a Generation Waking Up facilitator. They have all studied eco-psychology, herbalism, and expressive arts. They have just completed the Earth Activist Training Permaculture Design Course taught by Starhawk and Charles Williams.
$ sliding scale $25-$35 presale tickets!
$35: Pachamama Lover (General Admission)
$33: Regenerative Leader
$30: Earth Activist
$28: Garden Guardian
$25: Low Income
$35 tickets at the door
$20 for those who promote our event on social media (daily)
Ten tickets FREE to those who promote beforehand and volunteer at the event!
~Through Yapsody:
~Online through paypal username: Solutionary Productions
~Over the phone by credit card (805)235-5649 or (415)233-0789
~Send checks in the Mail to 160 Los Angeles Blvd. San Anselmo CA 94960
Check our Website:
Robin Liepman (Bloom) is a bard, an elf, and a world traveller, here to re-weave the dream of the modern world into a vibrant balanced existence. Bloom was born from the warm coastal womb of central California in San Luis Obispo, educated by the fairies and tree people at the University of California Santa Cruz with a degree in Psychology and Cognitive Science, (and a special focus on life, the universe and everything,) and initiated into the intergalactic tribe of awakening beings during his six months of travel through Central America, becoming initiated into the modern day mystery school via volunteering at an endless stream of transformational festivals. He then went on a spiritual pilgrimage through Peru and Bolivia, emerging with a strengthened sense of life path and purpose, re-visited Costa Rica, and is now on Vancouver Island in Canada for his Permaculture Design Course/Earth Activist Training with Starhawk and friends. He is currently co-organizing the “Blooming Biodiversity" permaculture tour of the North American west coast and Hawaii with a team called “Solutionary Productions," a journey of healing the world through holistic integrative permaculture activations worldwide.
Anna Combi (Anahata) is an artist, yoga teacher, herbalist, filmmaker, permaculturalist and aspiring musician who grew up in in a international meditation community and in the Redwood forests on the Pacific Ocean in the Bay Area. She designed her own B.A. interdisciplinary degree in Cross-Cultural Social Work and Sustainable Development from University of Redlands and Johnston Center for Integrative Studies. She has been traveling, living, and working in a variety of ecovillages, intentional communities, permaculture and biodynamic farms/gardens and healing arts/yoga/meditation centers in California, Oregon, Hawaii, New York, India, Costa Rica, and Canada sharing her gifts and collaborating with passionate healers, activists, and farmers. She is a cinematographer, editor and social and environmental documentary filmmaker. She recently made films focused on Mind/Body/Spirit Wholeness and Sustainability in the Volunteer Services program at Loma Linda University Health. She is Earth Activist Permaculture Design certified from O.U.R. Ecovillage on Vancouver Island with Starhawk. She is a certified Nosara Vinyasa, Hatha, and Self Awakening Therapeutics 300-hour RYI Yoga Teacher. She is a certified practitioner in Pranassage, which synthesizes Thai yoga massage and breathwork. She is a Children's Program and staff yoga teacher at Omega Holistic Institute in New York. Annahata was a environmental science outdoor education elementary and middle school teacher for City Kids Goes Outdoors and Roots & Shoots in Redlands, CA. She worked as a expressive arts and spoken word facilitator at Our House Youth in Crisis Runaway/Homeless shelter and Music & Art Changing Lives in Redlands, CA. She facilitated Expressive Arts Therapy and herbal botanical gardening for an Ayurvedic medicinal plant garden at Women's Empowerment Center in Auroville Ecovillage in Southern India. Recently, she was a workshop coordinator and assistant to village manager at Envision Festival and part of the Temple of Consciousness Lightning Team at Lightning in Bottle Festival. She is one of the core team Soluntionaries co-organizing the Blooming Biodiversity Tour.

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1121 64th Avenue, Oakland, CA, United States